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MBA on a Interactive Video "Game" Disk With Artificial Intelligence
October 27th 2005

MBA on a disk

What will education be like in the future? A mix of gaming and education may be the answer. The basic idea is to put a full "Core MBA Curriculum" on a High Density Disc and deliver the core content clips dynamically back in "Madden NFL Football Game Style" with user-customized interactions and system generated video animations.

Its competitive advantage over potential rival products would be an A.I. inspired hidden helper system that uses Bayesian Probabilities for anticipating linked concepts in management education. This MMBA logic engine would also be designed to weave together case simulations that merge real and generated video clips to engage a user like a well designed Madden NFL football game. Thus, it would offer a customized learning and review experience based upon the user's prioritization of interests.

As gamers age, they will want new challenges that also provide insights into their real world work experiences. A MMBA game, delivered in the rich style of EA's Madden NFL Football could deliver both high quality gaming and education experience at faster user-customized rates. Since thousands of students enter business and management education each year, a new and recurring base of potential customers comes along annually.


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